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Road Case Guys Inc. is now offering gift certificates for that certain someone, for those special occasions.

For all of you folks that are looking to get on the road with your talents.

You’ve managed to get the equipment you want to work with, but now its all going into the back of a van or a trailer, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an affordable solution to protecting the gear so it works for you every time you go to use it. The only thing holding you back is that protective cases can be quite costly and you’ve already spent all you had on the gear. What if we could provide an affordable solution for the protective cases ? Road Case Guys will work with you so your able to have the protective cases without all the initial expense that goes with owning a protective case. We can help you out by providing manageable monthly payments to ease your cash flow. You end up with a high quality protective touring case with an affordable way of owning it. Your gear will maintain a higher resell value and last longer. The only terms that we have are the case/cases have to be greater than a value of $500.00 and a down payment of 25% is required. We have a 12-month term as to which the amount outstanding must be paid. Having toured in the past we truly understand how tight money can be, we’d like to help protect your gear and make things a little easier if we can.

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